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Scott was new to singing when he joined the chorus in 2016, inspired by seeing his daughters' musical and personal growth within the Hopewell Valley Youth Chorale. "From the moment the singing started, I was hooked," he recalls. 

Since then, he’s appreciated just how much that sense of community and fellowship is a core value of the chorus. When combined with the expert musicianship and unwavering encouragement of its Artist Director (Heather) and Pianist (Stefanie), the chorus a wonderful place to learn the techniques and the art of chorale singing. After six rewarding seasons, Scott was thrilled to be able to sing in the Masterwork Festival Chorus during Heather’s Carnegie Hall conducting debut in June 2019.


Scott has assisted with grant writing since his second season and has served as Vice President since 2019. He greatly enjoys working with HVC’s dedicated volunteers to fulfill HVC’s mission, “to provide opportunities for members to experience the joy of choral music, and to share that experience with others in our community.” 

Ellen Longo began singing in choirs and choruses in 2015 as a way to destress from challenges in her work and personal life. She joined the Hopewell Valley Chorus in 2020, one month before the pandemic began limiting in-person gatherings. After many months of zoom, she was thrilled when the chorus began rehearsals again.

Ellen enjoys all kinds of singing, from jazz to classical. She also enjoys singing in two other groups, as well as jogging, tennis, swimming, hiking, reading, and writing. An active participant in several Boards, she is excited to offer her support as Board Secretary to the HVC.

An enthusiastic grandmother of two boys, Ellen lives in Princeton with her partner, Kim, and their black Labrador pup, River.

Ellen Longo


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